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Company Vision

Published on 18/03/2015 07:59 | Views 8664

“Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process.

If you focus on this & adopt this definition, success is yours.”

Kelly Kim

 Every company initially has its own vision – some goal which company enters to the market with. From the biginning the JHCOS company tries to satisfy all the demands and wishes of the customers. Our goal is to be a leader in bag manufacturer market and also improve and develop our products, meeting the customers’ needs. We works with the bags as with artwork, designing each model with love. And we understand that the success of this depends completely on all employees, products and services which we offer to customers. Therefore, the management of our company puts a bet on increasing the working places. We provide our employees with new knowledges to improve their skills. JHCOS tends to continious improvement, increasing the workability and productivity of our businesses. Step by spet we enhance our factory with new machines and equipment too.


  Nowadays JHCOS work with OEM. But in the nearest future we want to launch our own brand. We believe we can make unique high quality bags which will make all world be interested in.


  JHCOS measures success not only by achievements in business, but also in results in helping and support for the society. Our goal as Earth citizens is to make this world better. Charity means a lot for our company as the recognition and support of human values is one of the most important things in our life. We have to remember about society, showing our active citizens position. JHCOS company takes an active social position and engaged in charity in public and educational organizations, hospitals and churches. The principle of charitable activity of the company is to provide the support to those who need it most. For us, this activity is not expenses, but the response to social demands. Our staff also visit boarding schools, nursing houses, hospitals, rehabilitation centers providing people not only with money, but also with physical and moral favor, because money is not everything, the main thing is human support and communication.


The highest value for us and the foundation of our business is trust. Day by day we work harder to make our customers feel more confident and safe in every situation!